Optical Fibre Jointing - External

The Optical Fibre Jointing course is a TITAB and Telstra Approved course, which provides the skills necessary to:

  • Perform single mode loose tube and pigtail fusion splicing
  • Perform single mode OTDR and power loss testing
  • Understand and address all laser and other safety issues

Note: Both the Optical Fibre Testing and Optical Fibre Jointing courses are a requirement for Telstra Accreditation.


  • Telstra deployment rules
  • SMOF loose tube cable
  • Corning UCNCP MAX splicing enclosures
  • Warren & Brown Exchange racks
  • Commercial wall-mounted termination housings (customer end)


  • 5 days practical instruction


  • ICTCBL208 - Splice and terminate optical fibre cable for carriers and service providers
  • ICTPMG202 - Plan, organise and undertake work activities

Cost $1295

GST Not Applicable

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