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Comtech Group offer a range of Resource Material for Telecommunications and Security training that is recognised as a leading edge resource used by training organisations nationally including TAFE.

The course material is based on Australian Standards but incorporates input from Industry professionals including manufacturers, installers, consultants and other training organisations.

Our workbooks are "Living Documents" and are regularly upgraded as standards and installation practices change. This ensures that all resource material is current.

For each type of Training Course there is an instructors pack available which includes

  • Full Power Point Presentations
  • Answers to all Workbook Questions
  • Sample Exam Papers (instructors only)

Our flexibility in distributing our resource material ensures that orders are dispatched within 5 working days of placing that order.

The Student Workbooks now form part of the TITAB list of approved resource material for Telecommunications Training

Comtech Group offers a full back up Technical Service to instructors nationally.

This includes an "Instructor Only" reference section on the website that is updated regularly with changing standards, industry photos, white papers and reference material.

Student manuals are comprehensive and include all the material required by the student to complete the course.

Below is a short list, for more information on each resource Click Here

The following Training Manuals are available to Purchase

1.    Open Registration (OR)      Code CH003     $160.00 Inc GST

2.   Structured Cabling (SCS)    Code CH004     $  77.00 Inc GST

3.   Optical Fibre  (OF)                Code CH005     $  77.00 Inc GST

4.   Coaxial Cabling (Coax)        Code CH006     $  77.00 Inc GST

5.   Combined Endorsement      Code CH007     $200.00 Inc GST

6.   Open Reg + Structured        Code CH008     $177.00 Inc GST

7.   Open Reg + SCS+OF+Coax Code CH009     $244.00 Inc GST 

Postage and Delivery

Postage is $15.00 per manual

Road freight for 12 - 24 manuals is $65.00


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