Surge in Cyber Attacks

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre, a cyber-attack was reported every 8 minutes during the last financial year. That’s an increase of 13% and the losses from cybercrime totalled more than an eye-watering $33 billion in the same period.

Worryingly, no business or individual is immune from the impact of cybercrime and other malicious cyber activity. That means it’s up to us to evolve and stay one step ahead.

Learn how to protect and defend data with the Introduction to Cybersecurity Skillset course.

Position yourself for Success

There has never been a better time to start a career in cyber security. Our society is increasingly reliant on digital data and with the switch to remote working, there’s a huge requirement for cybersecurity professionals.

You can work anywhere in the world as a cyber security engineer. Set yourself up for a future full of opportunity as a cyber security specialist. These roles are now among the highest paid positions in the job market.

Unique Opportunity to access fee-free training

Learn the basics of network engineering and cyber security FREE

Enrol in this training course and the State Government will cover the cost.

This $2000 training course is free for anyone* between 15-24 (excluding school students)

If you’re outside this age group, the course is heavily subsidised:

  • You pay only $324 over 8 weeks
  • The State Government pays $1676

* employed or unemployed

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Learn the fundamentals with Comtech

This course prepares you for a job in a fast-growing industry where you’ll learn how to protect sensitive data and identify the cyber security needs in an organisation.

Keep yourself and others safe online and put yourself in pole position to explore a career in the telecommunications or electronic security industry.

By enrolling, you can

  • Make a difference
  • Stop hackers
  • Join the fight against cybercrime

As the volume of online data grows and hackers continue to innovate, the need for cyber security experts will continue to rise.


The Introduction to Cyber Security Skill Set teaches you how to

Manage personal and sensitive data confidentially and professionally

Recognise and identify cyber security needs in an organisation

Keep personal and networked computers safe

Hacker cracking the security code on a laptop


As organisations reliance on IT solutions is growing exponentially, there’s a high demand for qualified individuals.

The course is an excellent starting point for a career in cyber security. You can access the training for free if you’re 15-24 thanks to the State Government. Outside these ages, the course is still heavily subsidised at just $324 payable over 8 weeks.

Places are limited, so get in early!


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