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Student Information

USI (Unique Student Identifier)

Before you can enrol, you will need a USI (Unique Student Identifier).

Create your USI

Do I have the right skills to do the training?

Use our LLN to see if you have the language, literacy and numeracy skills to successfully complete our courses.

Where do I find the information I need as a Student?

The Student Handbook contains the company policies in relation to students.

Student Handbook

Where do I find information about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Please see our RPL page.

Safety Footwear

Students must wear approved Australian Standard safety footwear at all times when attending classes. If you are not wearing the correct footwear the instructor will not let you start the class.

No refunds will be made available if the student is unable to participate due to incorrect footwear.

Australian Standards

Some course require you to download certain reference standards so you can complete your course.

The AS/ACIF S009:2013 standard is required for use on Open Registration, Restricted Registration and Upgrade Registration courses.

AS/ACIF S009:2013 Standard


You will need a laptop computer and internet access to complete most courses. Laptops sold in the last 3 years should be suitable. Please contact our office if you need advice on a suitable computer.

Free Software

Some of our courses require you to install software to complete your course. We recommend that you download these before attending your course. They are free for personal use: