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External Cabling Courses

Installing telecommunications cabling in an external environment has its challenges, not only has the equipment to be rated suitable for external use but the installation must take into consideration such factors as weather, dust ingress, environmental conditions, vandalism and day to day wear and tear.

The majority of telecommunications installed externally is primarily within the carrier network which also imposes rules and regulations separate to the standards.

Because of this it is essential that any technician working in an external environment be aware of not only the rules and regulations around the cabling installation they must also observe all Health and Safety concerns for themselves, their work colleagues and the general public.

Ramsden Training are an NBN and one of two Telstra accredited training companies in Australia. We are proud to be an external training provider to TELSTRA charged with training TELSTRA technicians to work competently in the field.

Our external courses range from technical jointing courses to Health and Safety courses for the external environment.

We have dedicated external training facilities in each state for simulating a real work environment