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National Broadband Network

Building the nbn™ workforce


nbn is driving a significant skill-based training program in Australian telecommunications industry, aiming to create an industry-based, sustainable, and multi-technology capable workforce in cooperation with our delivery partners.

To build, operate and maintain the nbn™ network, we estimate the skilled workforce available to our delivery partners may need to increase by more than 4,500 roles – almost doubling the current external workforce actively engaged on the nbn™ project.

We have identified the following key occupations as shortages:

  • Telecommunications lines workers;
  • Telecommunications copper cablejointers;
  • Telecommunications technicians;
  • Telecommunications data cablers;

The program includes the following key activities:

  • Facilitating recruitment with our delivery partners – registering expression of interest of individuals interested in working on thenbn™ network and referral of expressions of interest to our delivery partners for their consideration and recruitment
  • Skill-based training – funded training paths for individuals to gain the skills needed to work on the nbn™ network in key occupations
  • Accreditation – ensuring that all individuals working on the nbn™ network are accredited for their skills, andnbn mandated health and safety

You could be eligible for the program if you are:

  • currently employed with our delivery partners, working on the nbn™ network or telco activity and you are ready to be accredited;
  • currently employed with our delivery partners, working on non-telco activity and you are ready to be upskilled with the required knowledge to work on the nbn™ network;
  • a mature age telecommunications worker, with vital skills and knowledge of the existing copper network; or
  • a school leaver or general job seeker wanting to build a career in the telecommunications industry.