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Advanced CCTV - Design and Construct

CCTV for Critical Infrastructure, Local Government, Universities and Education

In relation to close circuit television, we hear the same comments repeatedly “Our CCTV system is so bad we can't actually see what is happening” or” We’ve spent all this money on a camera system that doesn't work”.

Local Government and other organisations tend to purchase closed-circuit television to suit a particular requirement at the time which is usually a result from a break in or another event.

The reality of this is that the person responsible for purchasing the system frequently does not fully understand the ramifications associated with an equipment selection or what is required to achieve the outcomes they need. Another major consideration which is almost always forgotten is how these systems fit into the organisation's security master plan and typically totally ignore the subsequent support levels required to maintain multiple systems. Additionally, Holistic Design principles associated with the provision of CCTV infrastructure are simply not considered which adds to the overall ongoing expenditure required to keep systems operational.

This advanced CCTV online course has been designed to correct these problems and provide the information necessary for stakeholders to not only define what they want to be required but also help assist the organisation to clearly define their outcomes and requirements and ask the right questions to assist in selecting service providers thereby ensuring the systems purchased to meet the required outcomes. It is relevant to everyone who has responsibility for specifying, purchasing, supporting or using closed-circuit television systems. 

This course takes the participant level of knowledge from a basic understanding to a reasonable grasp of the principles behind close circuit television design and system implementation. We not only highlight the problems associated with poorly designed or specified systems and outcomes but provide the tools necessary to mitigate much of the risk. This process alone can save an organisation hundreds of thousands of dollars through variations and upgrades required to modify systems that do not meet the required outcomes.

Duration   Online

Course Cost - $440.00 inc GST

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Enrollments start in February 2019