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ASIAL - Introduction to Optical Fibre cabling

Course Overview

This training course has been designed and developed to take a Security Technician through the technical requirements to install Optical Fibre cabling in a commercial installation. The course content was developed to help the technician to understand the concept of commercial Optical Fibre cabling systems.

Note: This course is for informational purposes only it does not form part of any AQF certification

Who Should do this course

  • Security Technicians who install DVR's or IP cameras as part of a CCTV System
  • Installation Technicians involved with installing IP CCTV or IP Intruder alarm systems utilising Optical Fibre Cabling Systems
  • Designers, estimators and Project managers involved with IP CCTV or IP Intruder alarm system in commercial premises

The course is theory based on line with lots of scenarios and demonstrations

Course Content

This course is based on Australian Standards: 
AS/CA S009:2013,AS/CA S008:2010 and AS 3080

This course incorporates the following:

  1. Fundamentals of optical fibre transmission
  2. The course covers the following:
  3. Fundamentals of optical fibre transmission
  4. Testing for both single mode and multi-mode fibre
  5. Correct and safe installation practices
  6. Testing to the industry standard, AS/NZS 3080:2013
  7. Correct fibre handling techniques and installation methods
  8. Fundamentals of Light Source and Power Meter and ODTR testing

Course Delivery

This course is delivered as an online course
On Successful completion of the course you will be required to complete an online theory assessment
On successful completion of the theory assessment you will be automatically awarded a certificate of completion

Course Cost - $110.00 including GST

Upgrading to a Nationally Recognised Certificate

Whereas this online course does not form part of any AQF certification the content is mapped against the knowledge required for the following unit of competency  
ICTCBL302 - Install and terminate optical fibre cable on customer premises. Therefore successful completion of this course 
may part contribute towards obtaining a full Statement of Attainment for a nationally recognised certificate.

Enrolling in this course

Enrollments start in February 2019