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ASIAL - Level 2 – Advanced Security Technician

Level 2 – Advanced Security Technician (AST)

Level 2 is designed to formalise and expand on the existing knowledge that most experienced electronic security professionals already have. Completion of this course will ensure you have the required skill set and knowledge to work on more complex systems.

Pre requisites

  • Level 1 - Certified Security Technician (CST)
  • Individual Security License (Australia only
  • ACMA Open Registration
  • Structured, Optical Fibre and Coaxial Cabling Endorsements

We recommend you read Pre-requisites for detailed information.

Note: Acceptable evidence must be submitted and approved prior to receiving a Certificate of Completion. 

No refund will be given if you are unable to provide this evidence.

Course content:

You will be required to successfully complete all five parts of this course:

 1. Advanced IP Networking

  • Setting up domain based servers
  • Care for computer hardware
  • Design a commercial based network

 2. Wireless Networks

  • Build a wireless local area network
  • Build an enterprise wireless network
  • Commissioning

 3. Introduction to Cyber Security

  • Assessing the risk
  • The anatomy of a cyber attack
  • Hardware protection
  • Software protection
  • Policies

 4. CCTV Advanced

  • Design a wide are data network
  • Compression and storage calculators
  • Design principals for commercial CCTV systems
  • Design a network

 5. Access Control Systems

  • Design
  • Interconnecting protocols
  • Network integration

Course Delivery

Online (approx. 15 hours in total)

Course Outcome

A Certificate of Completion will be automatically awarded once all online learning and assessments are successfully completed, and evidence of re-requisites has been uploaded and approved.

Course Cost - $660.00 Inc GST

Enrolling in this course

Enrollments starting soon