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Advanced Copper Jointing


This course upskills an existing basic copper jointer to joint large size copper cables (100-200 pair).

This training provides industry specific skills and knowledge, in this course they are applied within the Telstra and NBN network environment and reflect Telstra and NBN standards and practices. In the Telstra/NBN worker/contractor environment this course of instruction skills workers to carry out advanced cable jointing activities on large size (200 pairs and above) live copper cables within the distribution side of the Telstra Customer Access Network (CAN) and connections to the NBN FTTN cabinet.

Fibre optic cables are not dealt with in this course of instruction.

A pre-requisite is having the Telstra accredited basic copper jointing certificate.


  • In this course you will be review the Telstra customer access network, which is the cable network connecting the Telstra Exchanges to all types of customer premises (residential, commercial and industrial) for the purpose of providing telephone and internet services.
  • You will understand the purpose of underground conduits and cable, jointing pits, manholes, poles and cable joints and the pillars from which distribution area (DA) cable. You will learn how to read cable plans, choose jointing enclosures and cables to meet the requirements of the work order you have been given.
  • You will acquire the skills to install large size cables in large inline jointing enclosures, seal the entry from moisture and machine joint the copper cable pairs in the joint and close the joint. At pillars you will learn how to terminate the distribution cables and cross-connect them to main cables which connect to the Exchange.
  • Installation of large tie cables from the pillar to the NBN node cabinets and the jumpering required to enable services.
  • Pillar augmentation from 900 to 1800 pair and an introduction to pillar compression is covered.
  • It is necessary to test your cabling work at the conclusion of a job to ensure that you work is electrically sound and that the customer’s services will work when activated from the Exchange.
  • In order to perform these tests you will master the fundamentals of electricity and telecommunications transmission during this course.
  • All safety issues pertaining to this work will be addressed during the course including the correct personal protective equipment, clothing and tooling to be used on the job as well as safety precautions before accessing a pit or manhole


On successful completion of these courses, participants will be awarded the following Nationally Recognised Competencies:

  • ICTCBL313 Modify and cutover cable
  • ICTCBL318 Install and cut metallic conductor cable to access network cabinet
  • ICTCBL319 Rearrange large size copper cable
  • ICTCBL317 Cut over metallic conductor cable in the access network
  • ICTCBL320 Jump metallic conductor cable over the access network

Delivery mode

  • 5 Days (8am – 4.30pm)

Assessment Information

Students completing the Basic Jointing course will be assessed through completion of an assessment tool, consisting of written questions and practical activities which are completed under the supervision of our instructors.

Cost - $1250    

Easy Payment option

This course can be paid off in 12 easy instalments by using debit success

 With Debit Success the cost is        $1317.52    Total charges $57.52, Plus a once off payment of a $10 establishment fee
 Duration 12 weekly installments of  $  108.96    

You can apply for the easy payment option once you have submitted your enrolment form
If your application for the easy payment plan is for any reason declined you have the option 
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