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Basic (Copper) Jointing course - TELSTRA Accredited


The Basic (Copper) Jointing course has been designed to provide participants with the skills and knowledge required to joint metallic conductor cable in underground situations, pits, jointing enclosures or above ground, as well as on the service provider side of the network boundary in communications applications.

This course is recommended for participants who joint metallic conductor cable for indoor and outdoor installations, cable upgrades and maintaining infrastructure in domestic, commercial and industrial situations.

At the conclusion of the Basic Jointing course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the Telstra customer access network
  • Understand the purpose of underground conduits and cable, jointing pits, manholes, poles, cable joints and the pillars from which Distribution Area (DA) cable
  • Read cable plans and choose jointing enclosures and cables to meet the requirements of a work order
  • Install cables in jointing enclosures, seal entry from moisture and join the copper pairs in the joint
  • Terminate the distribution cables and cross connect them to the main cables, which connect to the Exchange
  • Make cable joints on poles for aerial cable lead-ins to the customer premises
  • Understand the fundamentals of electricity and telecommunications transmissions
  • Test your cabling work
  • Understand all safety risks and precautions that should be taken


Upon successful completion of the course and all assessment requirements, students will receive the following national competencies:

  • ICTCBL205 Joint metallic conductor cable on customer premises 
  • ICTCBL215 Joint metallic conductor cable in access network 
  • ICTCBL207 Haul underground cable 
  • ICTCBL210 Install a telecommunications service to a building 

Entry Requirements

Completion of ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures

An accredited Pit & Pipe course is required for the issue of the Telstra Accreditaion

Delivery Mode

The Basic Jointing course is delivered in a face to face classroom format. Practical activities are completed on our specialised Telecommunications training plots. These plots may be outdoors. 


10 Days (8am – 4.30pm)

Assessment Information

Students completing the Basic Jointing course will be assessed through completion of an assessment tool, consisting of written questions and practical activities which are completed under the supervision of our instructors.

Resources Issued to Students

Students will be provided with a course text book. All tools and equipment are available to the student to complete the course.

Course Cost - $1995.00

Easy Payment option

This course can be paid off in 12 easy instalments by using debit success

With Debit Success the cost is        $2096.80    Total charges $101.80
Duration 12 weekly installments of  $  173.90    Plus a once off payment of a $10 establishment fee

You can apply for the easy payment option once you have submitted your enrolment form
If your application for the easy payment plan is for any reason declined you have the option 
to cancel the course without incuring any fees.