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What is Enable?

Simply put, enAble is the program that ensures workers have the right accreditation and skills to work within the nbn network. Any employee, contractor or subcontractor looking to work with nbn must have the right accreditation. Even if you already have work experience, you can’t work with nbn delivery partners unless you are properly accredited. This is so nbn can verify if its workers have the right skills and competencies to safely work on the network.

To get nbn enAble accreditation you first have to register online at the enAble website and nominate the delivery partner you are working with. We recommend that you contact the delivery partner in your area first as they have to approve your enAble application. Once approved, you will need to complete your mandatory online safety training through the enAble portal. When that training has been completed, you will be issued with an enAble card proving you are compliant and fit to work within the nbn carrier environment.

But once you have your enAble card, you will need specialised accreditations to do additional work. If you already have qualifications, you can upload them to the enAble website. If you are experienced but don’t have a qualification, you can complete a theory test and undertake a practical assessment. If you fail the theory or practical test you must complete training.

This is where Comtech comes in. For example, if you are a subcontractor and need to perform copper jointing, fibre optic cabling, or installing coaxial cable on the nbn network, you need to do training to gain the right accreditation. As an nbn approved training provider, many of the training courses that Comtech offers will grant you an nbn certified accreditation.

So to sum things up, you need an enAble card and the right training in order to work on the nbn network. You can be assessed or complete your training with Comtech who will provide you with the accreditation you need to get the job done.

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