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HFC Telecommunications Linesworker


A Telecommunications Linesworker - HFC works predominately from the tap down to the PCD (Lead-in cabling aerial and underground), but may also work in the EU premise to install the wallplate.  Interprets and understands technical design drawings and specifications.  Conducts site preparation.  Hauls, prepares, terminates and connects cable, including lead-in (RG6/11) cabling.  Provisions cable supports and equipment enclosures.  Affixes HFC equipment (passives and actives).  Performs RF measurements, including, basic testing, locating and rectifying simplex faults.

Entry Requirements

Not open to the General Public - only open to approved nbn candidates who must hold an enAble ID.

Delivery Mode

The HFC Telecommunications Linesworker course is delivered in a face-to-face classroom format.


Upon successful completion of the course and all assessment requirements, students will receive the following national competency:

ICTPMG201 Prepare site for support installation
ICTCBL220 Install a cable lead-in
ICTCBL211 Install an above ground equipment enclosure
ICTCBL214 Fix aerial cable
ICTBWN305 Use optical and radio frequency measuring instruments
ICTCBL209 Joint and terminate coaxial cable


10 Days (8am – 4.30pm)

Course Cost - $2160