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Introduction to IP Networking - Online only

Course Overview

This training course has been designed and developed to take a Technician or Electrician through the technical requirements that are needed to install IP
enabled devices onto an IP Network or ADSL Circuit. The course content was developed to help the technician to understand the concept of Network Terminology.

Who Should do this course

  • Security Technicians who install DVR's or IP cameras as part of a CCTV System
  • Technicians involved in setting up ADSL routers and switches
  • Computer Technicians who set up PCs or printers as part of a local or Wide Area Network
  • Technicians configuring wireless access points for radio transmission
  • Meetings and events industry venue staff configuring networks for AV Distribution and conference
  • IT management Technicians involved in SOHO installations

The course is theory based on line with lots of scenarios and demonstrations it also incorporates an online network simulator 
enabling a technician to build and faultind small to medium networks.


There are no pre-requisites

Course Content:

  • Network Fundamentals and Data Transmission
  • Understanding IP addressing and Subnet masks
  • Understanding DHCP and static IP addresses
  • Sharing Internet connections and basic networking
  • File and Print Sharing
  • Understanding Internet security Setting up Wireless Networks
  • Understanding ADSL Circuits
  • Router Port forwarding for Security and CCTV applications
  • Hands on Router Configuration for ADSL services

Course Delivery

This is an online course
Once paid for the technician has access to the course material for 90 days

Course Outcome

On successful completion the student will awarded a statement of completion

Cost $110.00 (inc GST) 

Enrolling in this course

1.    Click on the link below to be taken on our on line learning portal
2.    Once on the portal create a user name and password and then proceed to log in 
3.    Once logged in you can choose the course you wish to complete
4.    Payment for the course is via PayPal, this will allow you instant access to the course material

If you wish to pay via another method you will need to contact your local Comtech office 

To enroll on this course click here