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Network Infrastructure Design Course

This course we are providing is nationally recognised and forms part of an AQF certification.
Students will have to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy on line assessment as 
well as successfully complete all the online content before attending class. 
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Course Outline

This is a competency course based on 5 units of competency and designed as a Network Infrastructure Design Course,
allowing a student to competently design a cabling infrastructure to AS/NZS standards.

This course is defined under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework (ATQF).
The 5-day or 10 evening DESIGN training course will enable you to understand interconnecting cabling requirements, identify solutions,
and design the network infrastructure and services to ensure the functionality of the proposed solutions.

For technicians doing the ICT 30515 Certificate III in Telecommunications Technology this course can take the place of the Open Registration Training Course if you already hold an Open Registration

Units of Competency undetaken in this course

1. ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools
2. ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
3. ICTTEN201 Use electrical skills in telecommunications work
4. ICTTEN309 Provide infrastructure for telecommunications network customer equipment
5. ICTCBL314 Install network cable equipment

Course Outcome

Technicians who successfully complete this course will be awarded a National Competency Certificate that may be used to contribute to a Cert III in Telecommunications.

By completing the course a student should be able to discuss methodology in network infrastructure design.

  1. Carry out a site survey to determine user requirements
  2. Design a network best suited for the requirements of the end user
  3. Describe how to structure and modularise the network design
  4. Explain the functions of data communication system components and the concepts of the OSI model
  5. Recommend a design for a basic wireless solution
  6. Evaluate products from various manufacturers to suit requirements
  7. Propose a design and prepare a tender specification
  8. Present a design incorporating an end to end solution
  9. Carry out a site inspection to ensure conformity to Australian Standards

Course Content Includes

  1. Design criteria relating to horizontal cabling architecture including but not limited to Category 5, 6 and 7 using both shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables
  2. Design criteria relating to Fibre Optic interconnectivity and types including but not limited to OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS1
  3. Active components to extend connectivity including, Switches, Converters, Wireless solutions and Optical Infrared and laser Links
  4. Pair Managed and RJ 45 systems, Pros/Cons and specialist applications
  5. IP Networks for Security applications including CCTV

 Who Should Attend?

  • Electrical Consultants designing Telecommunication Infrastructures
  • IT Managers implementing an Infrastructure Roll Out
  • IT Personnel managing data centres
  • Project Managers and Estimators

Course Delivery

  1. Part Time - 10 evenings
  2. Full Time - 5 days

Course Cost $800

Easy Payment option

This course can be paid off in 8 easy instalments by using debit success

With Debit Success the cost is        $  846.80    Total charges $46.80
Duration 8 weekly installments of    $  104.60    Plus a once off payment of a $10 establishment fee

You can apply for the easy payment option once you have submitted your enrolment form
If your application for the easy payment plan is for any reason declined you have the option 
to cancel the course without incuring any fees.


Course ID Course Places Left Date Duration Fee Register
21-Sept-2020 Network Infrastructure Design Course FT (1130199) Network Infrastructure Design Course Full Time Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri
SA - Adelaide
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Sep 25th, 2020
5 Days $800.00