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ACMA Open Registration Course

Course Outline
An Open Registration is the first and primary course a student should undertake if they wish to work in the Telecommunications industry as successful completion will enable a student to apply for an Open Registration with one of the five registrars to legally work in most areas relating to Telecommunications Cabling. This is mandatory for installation and maintenance of telephone, data, security and fire protection cabling, in all types of customer premises under the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules.

Working within the industry without the applicable registration means you are not complying with the Telecommunications Act and can incur an on the spot fine of $2040.00. if the matter is serious enough, the ACMA can take court prosecution action against the cabler. A court prosecution may result in a conviction and/or a fine of up to $90,000. For more information click here.

I already hold a restricted registration can I do an upgrade from a restricted to Open Registration Course
Due to the prerequisite requirements now required to apply for an Open Registration, this is no longer possible or available. You will need to do a full Open Registration Course 
Course Content
You will be required to complete some online training prior to starting, in the following units.
1. ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
2. ICTTEN208 Use electrical skills when working with telecommunications network
3. ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools

On Successful completion, the student will receive a statement of attainment for the following five units:
1. ICTWHS204 Follow work health and safety and environmental policy and procedures
2. ICTTEN208 Use electrical skills when working with telecommunications networks
3. ICTTEN202 Use hand and power tools
4. ICTCBL246 Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling ACMA Restricted Rule
5. ICTCBL247 Install, maintain and modify customer premises communications cabling ACMA Open Rule

The Open Registration course covers:
  • Mandatory cabling knowledge and practical skills
  • The regulatory environment in Australia
Practical Exercises
The Open Registration course includes the following practical exercises:
  • Standard telephone connections
  • 8P multimedia socket and 600 series terminations
  • Lead in cable termination into Network Termination Devices (NTD) and line modules
  • Installation of building and floor distributors
  • Telecommunications Cabling Advice form completion
Please note whereas the majority of assessments are conducted in class. The student is required to complete a short
research project outside of the class room environment which they submit via the online learning management system.

Assessment include:
  • Knowledge Based Assessment (Completed on the Learning Management System)
  • Practical Assessments and Observations
  • Verbal Questioning
  • Research Assessment Task (KBA – Done outside of the class room environment)
Students must provide their own:
  • Krone tool
  • Side cutters
  • Screwdrivers
There are a number of requirements for obtaining an Open Registration (License), these include:
  • Successful completion of the five units listed above
  • Evidence of 360 hours actual on-the-job cabling experience
Note: cabling experience can be gained after the completion of this course it is NOT a prerequisite to attend this course
You can use the documents listed below as evidence of cabling experience to a Registrar: To apply for an Open Cabling Registration or for further information about the requirements to obtain an Open Registration Card, please contact one of the following ACMA Cabling Registrars:
Course Delivery
The Open Registration comprises two components being online content and classroom delivery. 
Classroom delivery is done either over 5 consecutive days or 10 evenings. 
The course is delivered at one of our purpose-built training centres.
For information relating to the location of the centres Click here.

Note: The E-Learning component must be completed prior to coming into the course (No Exceptions)

Daytime training is over 5 days, Monday to Friday starting at 8:00 am and finishing at 4:30 pm

Evening training is over 10 evenings, 2 evenings per week starting at 5:00 pm and finishing at 9:00 pm

Note: There is a third option to complete the majority of this course online which requires a technician to attend three days only in class
this option is only for experienced technicians and can be accessed by clicking here.
Course Cost
$800 – No GST

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