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Combined Intruder Alarm and CCTV Course

CMB Alarm & CCTV

 Course Outline 

This combined intruder and CCTV training course is run over 5 days comprising of a 2-day webinar followed by a three-day practical workshop. It is designed to give the student the knowledge to successfully design install and maintain an alarm or IP CCTV system for a domestic or small commercial installation. 

Course Content

This Combined course incorporates the following units of competency:

Intruder Alarm Course
  1. CPPSEC2021 Install security equipment and systems
  2. CPPSEC3037 Test installed security equipment and systems
  3. CPPSEC2026 Perform routine maintenance on security equipment and systems.
For more information on the alarm content Click Here

CCTV Training Course
  1. CPPSEC2023 Install video surveillance systems and equipment
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Licensing Training Requirements:

If you are in WA this course satisfies the requirements of the WA Police for licensing purposes
If you are in SA please click here for training associated with getting a security license in SA

Assessments include:
  • Online knowledge-based test
  • Practical demonstrations and observations such as install and test and alarm system, perform maintenance. 
  • Activities which may include completing documentation, verbal questioning, simulation or a range of other assessment methods. 

Course Delivery

This is a five-day training course with the first two days being completed as a webinar followed by three days in a Comtech Training centre to complete the practical training and assessments.

There are no prerequisites to attend the course, but an applicable cabling Registration is required to install Security Cabling under the ACMA Cabling Provider Rules. 
To install IP enabled CCTV systems an Open Registration is required. 
An Open Registration can also be obtained at Comtech. Click here to find out more »
If you have any criminal convictions, you should contact Police Licensing Services in your State or Territory to ascertain whether you are eligible to be issued a security license to work in the security industry before enrolling in our security course,

Course Cost

$1200 – (GST no applicable) 


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