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Cable and Underground Asset Location

Cable, under, assest

Course Outline

This course we are providing is nationally recognised and forms part of an AQF certification. Students will have to complete a Language, Literacy and Numeracy online assessment (more information here) as well as successfully complete all the online content before attending class.

This course has been designed to impart the skills and knowledge required to identify, locate and protect underground services in Civil Construction. It also trains the skills required to determine and mark the location and identity of gas, water, electrical, telecommunications and other underground utility services using a range of specialised instruments and asset plans.

This Nationally Accredited course is for civil and telecommunications workers who are required to locate underground services prior to commencing excavation or cabling works. Learners gain the skills to accurately locate and avoid costly damaging of buried underground assets.

Course content 

Course outcomes

1. Plan and prepare for identify, locate and protect underground services
2. Operate pipe and cable locating equipment
3. Locate underground services
4. Conduct housekeeping activities

The course covers:
  • Working Safely
  • Work Instructions, SWMS and SDS
  • Risk assessments, identifying and reporting hazards
  • Environmental issues
  • Site isolation and traffic management requirements
  • Planning and preparation of work areas.
  • Tools & equipment
  • Dial Before You Dig and contacting utility services
  • Visual, Electronic and physical searches
  • Theory of electronic locations
  • Signal trace frequencies
  • Effects of different soil conditions
  • Locating underground services.
  • Signal injection and grounding
  • Search techniques
  • Practical operation of locators
  • Protecting existing services
  • Damage notification requirements
  • Closing and cleaning up the area.
  • Completing Documentation
Delivers National Competency:
RIICCM202E Identify, locate and protect underground services

Course Delivery

Course Duration: 2 days Face to Face

Course Cost

$595.00 (GST not applicable)

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