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Install and terminate coaxial cable

Course outline
This Coaxial Cabling Course (COAX) is a competency-based course that will allow a technician to obtain a Coaxial endorsement on their Open Registration Card.
This course is defined under the Australian Qualifications Training Framework. (ATQF) It is a prerequisite course for technicians who wish to install Coaxial cabling in commercial buildings for Telecommunications Networks.
Course Content


Students must have completed an Open Registration Course prior to registering for this course.

Course Outcome On successful completion the student will be awarded a certificate of attainment for unit ICTCBL303 Install and terminate coaxial cable which can also be used towards a Certificate III in Telecommunications.

Course Delivery
This course is for experienced technicians who have already completed an Open Registration course as it is primarily delivered online coupled with an in-class theory and practical assessment. The process is as follows:
  1. Student completes the online reading Module.
  2. Student completes the associated PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Student completes the theory assessment in class.
  4. Student completes the practical assessment in class.

Course Dates

There are no course dates associated with this course. Students can start this course at any time online and then make an appointment to complete the theory and practical assessment at one of our training centres.
Course Cost
$250.00 (GST not applicable) 

Upcoming Programs

There are currently no dates available for this course.