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Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications

Course Outline
The Certificate III in Data and Voice Communications is an apprenticeship based qualification which is ideal for new entrants wishing to start in the industry or for experienced technicians who want to upskill to take advantage of new and emerging technologies in the Telecommunications or Electronic Security industries.
This apprenticeship has been designed to provide a technician training in multiple technical areas including but not limited to:
  • Cabling registration (Licensing)
  • Installation of specialist network cabling both copper and fibre
  • IP Networking – Design and construct
  • Wireless Networking – Design and construct
  • Intruder alarm systems and introduction to PLC systems
Therefore, this qualification will provide a technician the skill sets to work competently in varied technical industries allowing more flexibility and career choices.
Course Content
  • Telecommunications Technician
  • Electronic Security Technician
  • Network Engineering
  • Network Designer

Who can study?

There are no entry requirements for this course. However, Language, Literacy & Numeracy Assessments will be undertaken
upon commencement to determine if any additional support strategies are required.
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Course Delivery
This course is delivered at Comtech facilities located around Australia
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The qualification is comprised of a number of short courses spread out over a period of time including:
  • Time in class completing face to face training and assessments
  • Online content for experienced technicians and for revision
  • On the job training and assessment
The time spent in class completing face to face training is dependent upon the experience and qualifications that the technician already has.
Comtech will conduct an evaluation and produce an individualised training plan for each student.
As this qualification is based on an apprenticeship the duration required depends upon the experience and qualifications that the technician already has.
A Comtech Training assessor will advise of the expected duration required and this will be reflected in the training plan.
Time spent in class will also be dependent upon the technicians experience and qualifications.
This is expected to be between 30 and 40 days over the full period of the apprenticeship 
Additional online training and revision will be required coupled with site visits for training and assessments.

Course 1 – Introduction to Data and Voice

1. UEECO0012 – Participate in voice and data communications work and competency development activities
2. UEECD0007 – Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
3. UEECD0016 – Document and apply measures to control OHS risks associated with electro-technology work                               
4. UEECD0020 – Fix and secure electro-technology equipment 
5. UEECD0019 – Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
6. UEECD0043 – Solve problems in d.c. circuits

Course 2 – Telecommunications Networks

7. UEECD0051 – Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
8. UEECD0025 – Lay wiring/cabling and terminate accessories for extra-low voltage (ELV) circuits
9. UEEDV0005 – Install and maintain cabling for multiple access to telecommunication services
Successful completion of Course 1 and Course 2 will also provide a
technician with the necessary units of competency to apply for an
Open Registration (Cabling License) if required.

Course 3 – Network Infrastructures

10. UEEDV0008 – Install, modify and verify coaxial and structured communication copper cabling
11. UEEDV00006 – Install and modify optical fibre performance data communication cabling
Successful completion of Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 will provide a
technician with the necessary units of competency to apply for a
Structured Cabling and Optical Fibre Endorsement on their Open
Registration (Cabling License) if required.

Course 4 – Design and Construct an IP Network

12. UEEDV0011 – Set up and configure basic data communication systems
13. UEECS0029 – Set up and configure basic local area network (LAN)
14. UEEDV0004 – Install and connect data and voice communication equipment
15. UEEDV0009 – Select and arrange data and voice equipment for local area networks
16. UEEDV0014 – Test, report and rectify faults in data and voice installations
17. UEECS0003 – Assemble, set-up and test computing devices

Course 5 – Intruder Alarm Systems/Introduction to PLC`s

18. UEEEC0003 – Assemble and set up basic security systems
19. ICTTEN320 – Commission an electronic unit
20. ICTTEN321 – Maintain an electronic system 

Course 6 – Design and Construct a Wireless Network

21. UEEDV0012 – Set up and configure the wireless capabilities of communications and data storage devices
22. UEEDV0010 – Select and arrange equipment for wireless communication networks

Course 7 – Work in your Industry

23. UEEEC0074 – Troubleshoot resonance circuits in an electronic apparatus
24. UEERE0001 – Apply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector
Course Cost 
$7700 (GST not applicable) 

Payment Plan 

This course can be paid off in 24 easy instalments by using debit success – the total cost is $8064.16

Duration: 24 monthly instalments of $335.59 plus a once-off  $10 establishment fee

You can apply for the easy payment option once you have submitted your enrolment form. If your application for the easy payment plan is for any reason declined you have the option to cancel the course without incurring any fees.

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